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UK scale-ups employ over 3 million people and have a combined turnover in excess of £1.3 trillion. Widely considered to be the engine drivers of local economies, scale ups are thought to be twice as innovative as large firms, employ twice as many apprentices, and are on average 42% more productive than their peers.

If you're looking to scale your business and join this elite group of business owners, this webinar is for you!


  • The strategies our clients are using to drive significant growth in their revenues, margins and asset value. Our scale-up clients are seeing margins of 70% gross & 20% net
  • How you can seriously improve your working capital to accelerate growth rates, be it organic or via acquisition, hire better people and take greater rewards for yourself!
  • What you need to do to MAXIMISE asset value and which growth initiatives you need to invest in.

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Chris Spratling

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and today runs an award-winning coaching & consultancy practice. Chris specialises in working with dynamic businesses that are looking to scale.  

"Having bought and sold multiple businesses myself, I've learnt that the value of a business is determined by much more than simply applying a crude multiple to a net profit figure. My passion as a coach is to help business owners unlock the true potential of their businesses."  

Clients consistently site 4 key reasons why they chose to work with Chris, namely:  

  • His professional experience and background.. 
  • The breadth and depth of his industry & sector experience. 
  • The quality & size of his team at Chalkhill Blue.  
  • The results he achieves!

Key Details:

Date: Wednesday 10th February 2021

Type: Online Webinar

Time: 5:00 -7:00pm

Contact: 01793 239542 /

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know this is right for me? 

We speak to everyone that signs up BEFORE the event to make sure this is going to be a good investment of your valuable time. We like to get to know our attendees first so we can adjust the session to make sure everyone on the webinar gets the most out of it! 

What if I can't make this event? 

At present our events are all virtual therefore, if you cannot attend the live webinar, a recording will be sent to you afterwards.

Am I going to be sold to? 

The short answer - NO. We are genuinely passionate about supporting business owners to build a business that delivers what they want it to. If you choose to take it further and you'd like to work with us - GREAT. If not? We're just happy we could be a kick-start on your path to success! 

How can I get in touch?

We'd love you to get in touch - drop us an email here or call us on 01793 239 542.